PH1200 visualizing ideas-photobook review

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The photo book I am going to be reviewing is Real Food by Martin Parr. Martin Parr is a documentary photographer but has moved into other areas such as food photography and photo book collecting. Real Food is a documentary book on everyday food. I chose this book because it related to a semester 1 brief called still life, so I thought this book would give me some inspiration for that brief. I can relate to the theme of the book because as a photographer I particularly interested in documentary photography. With the work being presented in a book format it dramatically impacts the readers engagement with the work because you can touch and feel the print itself which is an important part of traditional photography.  Looking through the book the only weakest element is the layout. With the layout you a majority of the images are full landscape image then sometimes it goes to a grid shape. I find this to be a weak element because there isn’t any consistency with the layout. When there isn’t any consistency with the layout it throws viewers of. Looking through this book I have been inspired by Parr’s use of flash. When flash is used it tends to create harsh shadows but the way Parr uses flash it doesn’t. This makes me think that he used a flash diffuser to soften the harsh shadows. It also makes me think Parr uses the flash on a low power so it doesn’t create harsh shadows.


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