PH1200 visualising ideas- Website Review

I have chosen Kate Hopewell Smith’s website to look at. I have chosen this photographer because she works in an area of photography I would like to go into.With Smith’s work I feel can relate to it because she shoots portraits which is something I would like to go into. Kate Hopewell Smith is a leading UK portrait photographer. She is also a Nikon Ambassador. This is the link to her website: From looking at the website the overall theme is promotion of work to get hired. This is clearly shown by the tab investment which is found in the portrait, boudoir and wedding section of the website. Due to the work being displayed via a slideshow improves the engagement with the work because you are physically pressing buttons to move the image to the next. The slideshow itself doesn’t move which improves the engagement with the work because you can properly look at the work instead of being rushed on to the next image. When you go into the gallery tab it is laid out via rectangles. These rectangles are clickable which takes you to a set of work. This layout doesn’t add much to the engagement with the work because you aren’t seeing any work until you clicked that rectangle.

Looki00001108_png through her work I think this image is one of her stronger images. With this image I like how there is a dog and a child present because it shows who are the most important people in his life. Due to the image being taken in a field this suggests the man is also a farmer. The image being over exposed slightly puts me of it because I cannot make out any detail which to me is what photography is about.

I get a good insight into the photographers work because viewing the work is easy to do. This is due to the simple but effective slideshows and easy navigation of the website. Visiting this website has given me inspiration for my own website because there are some features on the website I would like to include on to mine.

With websites in general I don’t think they are the best platform to view work because the photographer can swap and change images with ease. This means they have the ability to influence our thoughts about their work instead of leaving it up to the viewer to form their own thoughts. This also means they have the ability to show only their best work which is bad because it leads people to think they are good photographers but in reality how many good images come out of a shoot?


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