PH1200 Visualising Ideas – Photo Journal Review

I have chosen Amateur Photographer as the photo journal I am going to review. In particular the Saturday 1st October 2016 issue.front cover.jpg The journal is published once a week. I think this is a good publishing rate because it keeps readers up to date on the photographic world. Amateur Photographer contains techniques, reviews,  from March to October they run competitions and news summary’s. The technique articles I find particularly helpful because they give me inspiration to shoot in a certain way which in turns improves my photography.In the issue I am reviewing the technique article this week was about street photography which I found very interesting because I am very interested in the genre. I find the news summary’s interesting because I find photographic news interesting. I also find the news summary’s good article because it keeps everyone up to date on what is going on in the photographic world. In this issue I found the news article about the Iphone now shooting RAW interesting because I some times shoot with my Iphone and shooting RAW will be a massive step up from the regular photos Iphone’s take.  I chose this journal because it is one of the best and reliable photo journals out there. I have also chose this journal because I personally prefer this journal compared to other photo journals I have read. I can relate to the audience of the photo journal because I am still an amateur photographer which is what the journals main audience is. Below I show pages from the journal:

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The journal presents photographers works in multiple ways. One way is using the work for a large feature image for the article. I think this way is good because it allows the photographers work to be the main focus point rather than the article itself. This is a bad way of presenting photographers work because the text can sometimes take away from the images impact. Another way the journal presents a photographers work  is mini images which relate to the paragraph of text or the article. This is a good way of presenting photographers work because it gives a spotlight to their work whilst giving the article a spotlight to. This is a bad way of presenting photographers work because this restricts photographers to a certain theme or style which they may not want to shoot in. Photographers work in journals makes it easy for me to engage with their work because it is printed and I can go back to that again and again whereas if it was on a website the photographer may take it down after a time meaning I cannot go back to it again and again. In the issue I am showcasing in this review I find all the article are strong. In particular the reviews on the latest photography gear I find is the strongest article because it helps photographers decide on whether or not to buy that piece of gear they have been thinking of getting. I find there is no weak article in this particular issue because all of it has some relevance. Reading this particular issue  I have been inspired by some of the tips they talked about in the street photography article because some of the tips have really made me want to shoot street photography.


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