UNIT 6: Sizing up my board

Above is a video of me showing how I plan to layout out my board. Due to needing a large scale image I have chosen to go with 2 A2 prints which will be printed by reprographics at college. I have chosen 2 A2 prints because going between A1 and A2 I think A2 is an acceptable size because it gives me room to get smaller prints on. Due to the amount of space I had I chose to go with 2 A4 prints because when I tried an A3 print I felt it didn’t fill the space like I had planned. When I tried A4 I felt this filled the space better than the A3. I have also outlined where the mac will be going because I plan to use the mac to show my digital book. I also have my sketch book on display because I think this will give a good insight for the viewers into how I got my images. I think I need to print out the images to the size I planned to make sure this layout will work. I hope it will work because I really like how it lines up on the board.


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