UNIT 6: Changing my book based of feedback

above is a video of me using Indesign to change my based of feedback. I changed my book based of my feedback because there was some good points made when I was given feedback. I changed my front cover so it was more creative because most of the feedback stated the original front cover was plain. So what I did was arrange cellophane and took a picture of it to serve as my background because I felt this was improvement on my front cover. I like how there are now multiple colours instead of one colour because now it looks less plain. Another thing I changed was the font because some feed back stated to change the font so it was more read able. I chose to go with Helvetica was this was the most recommended font to use because of how simple it is which makes it more readable. Another thing I did was my back cover because most feedback stated it needed a blurb of some sort but already having an introduction page I felt it was unnecessary. As you seen in the video I looked for back covers of books and I saw a book with a quote. I liked this idea for the back cover so using the quote in my brief I placed that on the back cover.


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