UNIT 6: Book feedback questionaire


is the link to the survey I created via Surverymonkey. I done this questionnaire because I wanted to get feedback on what to improve. Below are the results:

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I do agree with the book being plain but I wanted this because I didn’t want the page background to take away from the images. I also wanted the book to be plain because a plain look is professional looking which I want because it is the end of year project. One person stated the red front and back cover looked aggressive which I aimed for because I wanted to use the red as a link to rebellion. Most said to have a blurb on the back cover but I have done an introduction page which serves as a blurb so I don’t think a blurb is necessary. One response was to change the font for the captions, I disagree with this because I want to have the same font through out the book because it will look strange using a different font for the captions. Another suggestion was to use mixed media for the front and back cover, I disagree with this suggestion because I think mixed media looks unprofessional which I don’t want because I want my book to look professional because it is FMP. From this survey I will add a blurb to the back cover without it being similar to the introduction page because it will make the reader feel like they have read the same thing twice. I will play around with the front cover to see if I can get it more creative like the answers suggested.


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