UNIT 6: Adding images and text into my book

Above is a video of me using Adobe Indesign to add my final shoot images to my book. This was a simple task to do because it was only placing images into the squares I set up before hand. Placing text into the book was an easy task to do because all I had to do was placing the text into the boxes I set up before hand. What I found hard to do was to think of what type in the boxes. At the start I thought about explaining the images but changed my mind because I wanted to let the viewers make their own mind up about the images. I settled for saying which image was unedited and edited because I wanted to make sure it was clear to the reader.The task which I found the hardest was designing my front cover because I was unsure of how I would lay it out. I did have some sketches of how I saw the front cover which I referred to when I worked on my front cover.


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