UNIT 6: showing unedited and edited photos in a photobook

I have done some researching on Google and cannot find any photo books which show the unedited and the edited images. I have researched this because I had an idea of displaying both unedited and edited images in my digital book so people can see what I have edited. I can use this to my advantage because I can show my unedited and edited images which will rebel against the norm of photo books. I will produce some mock pages to accommodate this idea. I will be using some of my test shoot images to test out how this idea would work. If it works then I will alter my final templates to accommodate this idea.

This idea I think targets the mass audience because it doesn’t cater to a specific audience. This mass audience is what I want to target because it doesn’t limit who will see my work which I want because I want my work to have a lot of exposure.


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