UNIT 6: cellophane test shoot 3rd May 2016

above is a video of me editing my test shoot. I created this video so I can look back on how I did a certain edit. During this test shoot I used a black background because I mainly used the white background during the test shoot on the 27th April (https://leahjonesphotographer.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/unit-6-cellophane-test-shoot-1/) I won’t be using the black background again because when I used it the colours didn’t show as well. The only colours which showed on the black background was the strong colours such as red and orange but on the white background all colours showed. This is very helpful to know this because when I do my final shoot I now know not to use the black background. During the shoot I used a blue and purple colour. This didn’t work because the two colours are close together on the colour spectrum. When it comes to the final shoot I will change this colour combination to something which is un-complementary. The annotions of the edited images can be found in my FMP sketch book.


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