UNIT 6: Cellophane test shoot 27th April 2016

Above is a video I made of my editing process. I did this video because I can look back at this so I can find out how I did a certain edit. In my sketch book I will annotate the images I have edited.

From this test shoot I have learnt that it is important to make sure there is no light spilling out because this will wash the colours out. During the shoot I taped two of same cellophane together which ensured there was no light spilling. Using this idea I taped two un-complementary colours together which did work but I do think it would be best separating the colours and putting them on separate lights. The reason why I think this is because when I did it the colours blended together and didn’t look good. When it came to editing I mainly used the camera RAW editing menu because this gives me more control on editing my images. I found using the saturation slider helped bring the colours in the background out because this made the colour stand out. When I tried an overall edit of the image I found it didn’t work as well so I changed to an adjustment brush which was better because I could select the areas I wanted to edit. I found using the contrast tool also made the colours stand out more.


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