UNIT 6: Setting up my digital book pages

Above is a video of me setting up my digital pages. I have used Adobe Indesign because that is the industry standard software to use when it comes to creating books. The boxes with the cross in them is where I will be placing my images. The boxes with text in is where I am going to place my text. For my front cover I wanted it to be simple because people don’t tend to look at the front cover for long. I have included the logos because through out the promotions for the exhibition we have created the class logo and the rebellion logo so I want to keep that the same across the board. For my first page I made that into an introduction page because I wanted to give the reader some background into the project. The second page I made into an about me page because I want to give the reader some background on who I am. The third page was a full bleed picture because I want the first image page to have impact and make the reader think “wow”. The fourth page I set up is an image on the left and text on the bottom right because based of my page layout examples I modified one of the layouts I liked which was the third example. My fifth page I had two portrait images joined at the centre. This layout was inspired from one of my sketches I did beforehand. My sixth page I had 6 square images. This layout was inspired from the first page layout example. My seventh and eighth page I did a portrait with text at the bottom. I did the same layout on both pages because I felt it was a nice brake for the reader from the different layouts. This layout was inspired from one of my sketches I did beforehand. I did full bleed images for the ninth and tenth page because I wanted keep with giving the reader a break from the different layout outs. This layout was inspired by one of the full bleed sketches I did beforehand. For the eleventh page I did a variation of the fifth layout because I wanted to change up a previous layout. For the twelfth page I did a landscape at the top and two portraits at the bottom with text in middle. This layout was a modification of the third page layout example I mentioned on my blog post about page layout examples. I included a landscape because most of the image layouts was portrait so I wanted to mix it up. For the thirteenth page I did two squares in the centre with text at the top. This is a modification of  the first page layout example I blogged about. I did this modification because I felt this would be the better version of that layout. For the fourteenth page I did a variation of the fourth page. I did this variation because I wanted to mix it up and give the readers something new. For the fifteenth page I did 4 portraits with text going on the image. This page layout was inspired by the second example page layout I blogged about. I made the sixteenth page another full bleed because I felt I needed another full bleed image in the book because I think full bleed images helps make the book stand out. I made the last two pages a behind scenes double page spread because I want the viewers to have an insight into how I did the images. I am unsure at how to do the back page so I just left it so it would be a red background.

settings of booksettings of book 2

Above is the way I have set up my columns, gutter and margins. I set myself these guidelines because this allows me to have enough room if I were to print this book.


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