UNIT 6: Open Eye Gallery trip

Due to the exhibition not relating to the brief I mainly focused on the layout of the work to gain some inspiration on how I could layout my work for the FMP exhibition.

The title of the exhibition is Open 2: Pieces of you. The exhibition considers the photograph as a moment of time. It is also about showcasing up and coming photographers/artists.

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Above is the leaflet which was given out during the exhibition. It gives details on the photographers whose work is exhibited. It also gives details on what the exhibition is all about. I may produce my own leaflets explaining my work because I think the leaflet were a good idea.

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Due to the gallery not allowing people take image when they visit I had to use the Open Eye Gallery Facebook page to get images of the exhibition layout.

When I looked at how the work was displayed I noticed they used nails to hang the work up. I think this is nice idea because it gives the exhibition a contemporary feel. I think this contemporary feel helps sell the theme of showcasing up and coming photographers because up and coming photographers tend to be contemporary. If I use nails to hang my work during the FMP exhibtion I don’t think it would work because I think the boards we use will be to thick to use nails. I also think using nails won’t be good because they hang out there for it would be a health and safety hazard because people can walk into them and hurt themselves.

Another thing the gallery did to display the work was use glass tables. In the glass tables was images cut up which formed pictures. I didn’t think that is a good idea because there was glare coming of the glass meaning the work couldn’t of been seen correctly. Due to space during the FMP exhibition I won’t be able to do this idea.

During the exhibition some of the images was framed. I didn’t mind this because the images were protected. The frames I think drew the focus more into the images because of how thin the boarder was. I didn’t think the framing was a good idea because the glare of the glass meant the work couldn’t of been seen correctly.


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