UNIT 6: Sketch book pages update 19th April 2016


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Above is my sketch book pages from my two week brake. The pages are about my initial ideas, colour meaning, research on two photographers, studio equipment, model poses, rules of photography and colour wheel. I have done this research because I feel this will help further my ideas for FMP. I have looked at colour meaning because it plays a major part of my idea. I have looked at Jake Hick’s work because it is very similar to what I plan to do for my final outcomes. I have looked at Hick’s equipment as well because I want have a good idea on what professionals use in the industry. I looked into studio equipment because I want to have a good idea on what equipment is used. I looked at model poses because in my brief I stated I need to know what poses I wanted beforehand because I would need to move fast because of the cellophane being a health and safety hazard. I have looked in to rules of photography because it plays a major part in my ideas. I have looked at Jason Theaker’s work because he is a photographer who brakes the rules which helped me with inspiration on how to brake the rules.  I have looked at the colour wheel and theory because this will be the main focus of my brief.


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