UNIT 6: Page layout sketchs

idea 1 and 2

Above is my 2 of my ideas for my digital book. As most of my final images may be portrait idea 1 won’t be viable because of the landscape image. Idea 2 is how I would adjust idea 1. Idea 2 is the better idea if my final images is going to be portrait because of how the 2 images are portraits. I also have text at the bottom so I can explain my images to the viewers.

idea 3 and 4

Above is 2 more ideas I had. I really like idea 3 because I find a full bleed image has a lot of impact. I don’t like not having text on the page because I cannot explain the image to the viewer. I think idea 4 would work because the images will be portrait. I like how I have placed the text at the bottom because I can explain what the images are about to the viewers.

idea 5 and 6

Idea 5 isn’t a good idea because the images are small meaning the viewer cannot see any detail of the image. I don’t mind the images being small because it means they aren’t stretched out. Idea 5 is a good idea because it allows text to be placed which will help me explain what the image is about to the viewers. Idea 6 is a good idea because the image is large so the viewer can see the detail of the image. The thing I would have to be careful of is the image being stretched because if the image is stretched it looks unprofessional which I don’t want because I want to have a professional looking book.

For all these layouts the audience is the mass audience because it doesn’t cater to a specific audience. I want to target this audience because it doesn’t limit my work to a specific audience which I want because I want my work to be seen by many people.



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