UNIT 29 AND 30: Reflecting on image sharing websites

There are many image sharing websites. I am going to reflect on the major websites.


I really like Instagram because it has a wide range of people using the app. This wide range of people will be really helpful because it will allow my images to be seen by many people.  I don’t like how Instagram doesn’t allow you to create folders to organise your images. This doesn’t allow me to send the link to the folder to my tutor for marking. This doesn’t bother me personally but it would be a helpful thing to have. Based of this wide range of people Instagram is a potential site for me to put my images on there.


I personally don’t use Twitter so I don’t know much about Twitter. From what I seen you can only write a certain amount of words which I find bad because I like to explain what my image is about. I also know twitter has a wide range of users therefore my images will get seen by many people. Based of the fact that I don’t know twitter as much I am not going to use this site to put my images on.


I really like how you can put images into albums because it allows you separate your different projects from other projects. I can also send the link to my album to my tutor which will be easier than scrolling through all my images on my Instagram feed. Facebook has also got a wide range of people meaning my work will be seen by many which I want because I really want to get my work out there. You can also make a page for your photography work which I like because you can separate your personal Facebook account from your photography work. Based of the fact you can create your own page for your photography work and make albums I may use Facebook to upload my work.


I really like how Flickr audience is photographers because it allows my work to be seen by like minded people. I don’t like this because I won’t be able to get my work out to everyone. I like how flickr allows you to create albums because it allows me to separate different projects. Creating albums also makes it easier to submit my images for marking by my tutor. Based of the fact that I can create albums I may use flickr.


I don’t like how Behance is all creative fields because my work may be seen by a creative person  who don’t know anything about photography. I like Behance because it has many creative people on there who can give me creative feedback on my work. I like how Behance allows me to create albums to separate my different projects. The albums will also make it easier to submit my work for marking.

Upon reflection I think Flickr would be the best to upload my images because it has like minded people on there. I can also separate my projects in to albums which makes it easier to submit my work for marking.


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