UNIT 6: thoughts on using a sketchbook for FMP

Today I was thinking about doing a sketchbook for FMP (Final Major Project) because throughout this year I have been using my blog and haven’t done a sketchbook. So I thought it was about time I did a sketchbook this year. I am thinking of using an A4 sketchbook because I am not a fan of lugging around an A3 sketchbook. I am also thinking of scanning in my sketchbook pages and do posts on how I did those pages and why I did that piece of work. I could also display my sketch book along with my final outcomes for the end of year exhibition. Below is a board with sketch book page ideas.

I really like how you have the final image on the left and then development images on the left with annotations because of how organised it is. I could also glue an edge of the final image and annotations could be underneath the image.


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