UNIT 6: Front cover of my FMP sketchbook

front cover insprationtests for front coverfront cover

Above is my front cover for my FMP sketckbook. On Pinterest I found the first image and really liked how it was laid out. I didn’t like the brown paper because I just found it unnecessary. I did some testing before doing my final writing because I wanted to get it right because it is the first thing people will see when they open my sketchbook. I really like the black strips because they remind me of film strips which is a nice reminder that I am a photographer. I created this by using a tippex pen and a hole puncher. I cut out the strips and glued them down. Before I did that I played around with how to lay the strips out. I felt this was the best way because I am OCD about things lining up. As the front cover I think this is a good opening because it sets the tone as my sketchbook being professional but being creative at the same time. I want to keep this tone through out my sketch book because I find sketchbooks can be very messy therefore it looks unprofessional.


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