UNIT 6: Background test and final front cover

background test without textbackground test with text

final front cover

Above is tests I did with a red marker scrawled all over a blank page. The reason behind this is because the theme of unit 6 is rebellion (We found out the theme of the brief on 119th Januray 2016) so red links to anger and anger links to rebellion. For the text I will type it on a word document, print it and cut it out to fit on to the page. The font size for the header will be 20 because any bigger I think will make it to big. The font size for general text will be 11 because I think that will allow me to fit more text on the page. I redid my front cover following this background test because I really liked how the red marker worked. This will now be my final front cover going forward.  As the final front cover I think this will work because it sets the tone as my sketchbook being professional but being creative at the same time. I want to keep this tone through out my sketch book because I find sketchbooks can be very messy therefore it looks unprofessional.


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