UNIT 29 AND 30: Amateur Photographer 27th March 2016 Issue

front coverpage 1 & 2page 3 & 4page 5 & 6

Above is pages from the 27th February issue of Amateur Photographer. The article is called “Natural Instinct”. The article is about natural lighting. The article gives tips about working with natural lighting which will be helpful for this brief because the brief is about going out on location which will force me to work with natural lighting.

Tip 2 is a good tip because it states harsh light is best avoided because harsh shadows aren’t flattering to the model. The tip also states cloudy days are best because the clouds act as a soft box making soft shadows on the models face which flatters the model. This is a helpful tip because it has made me aware of the best shooting conditions when out on location.

Tip 3 is a bad tip because it states use a reflector to brighten up shadows. This is a bad tip because the reflector could leave a bright spot on the subjects check which makes the shadows come across as unnatural.

Tip 9 is a good tip because it states to use a small light meter and manual mode to shoot in natural light because the camera’s light sensor can sometimes get confused about the lighting. This is good advice because this will help me get the correct exposure. I want the correct exposure because I want to do as little editing as possible because I find to much editing can make the image come across as fake.

Tip 15 is a bad tip because it states don’t use a flash gun or the flash pre-built on your camera. This is a bad tip because a flash gun or a pre-built flash can help fill in the shadows if they are to dark.

In conclusion I think I will use the tip 2 the most because I think this will really help improve my images because when I look at my second test shoot images I have noticed the shadows are harsh so using tip 2 I think I can remove the harsh shadows.


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