UNIT 29 AND 30: Looking at past briefs

I have completed a brief called Liverpool Promotional Billboard. This brief centred around location photography. For my final shoot I was out on location therefore I had to work around characteristics of location photography.

Natural lighting was one of the characteristics I had to work around in the Liverpool Promotional billboard brief in that brief is was hard to work around because most of the time I was shooting in dull lighting therefore the buildings was dull and flat. In this current brief the dull lighting is a good thing because it acts as a soft box which complements the people I am shooting because flat lighting softens the shadows, I like the soft shadows because compared to harsh shadows, the harsh shadows makes the person face to harsh for my liking. I solve this issue by working around the dull lighting by using the contrast slider in Camera Raw to ensure the image isn’t flat.

Another characteristic I had to work around in the Liverpool Promotional Billboard brief was the weather. When I have completed my final images the Liverpool brief it was windy but dry which was good because if it was wet the buildings would reflect the sun which would cause lens flair in my images. With the current brief the weather plays a massive part because depending on the weather the buskers will or won’t be there which means I may not have my final images. To work around the weather I can use weather apps to ensure the day won’t be raining, therefore planning ahead to solve any issues that may arise on the day I plan to do my shoots.

From this past brief I will take away working around natural lighting because I may have a good shot but it is flat so I can use the contrast tool to make sure the image isn’t flat. I will also take away working around the weather because the weather plays a massive part in my images because I may or may not have subjects.


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