UNIT 29 AND 30: Homeless people idea research, case study

Homelessness in the UK

above is a website I found regarding a documentary project centred around homeless people. Reading this website has given me a good insight into a photographer who has photographed homeless people. Below are images from the website:

homeless people 1.jpg

I like the image because it shows a glance into their life. I also like this image because it goes to show how nice homeless people which takes away the stereotypical idea that homeless people are alcoholics and addicts. When I am photographing homeless I want to achieve this because I think it will add more meaning than just an image of homeless person who looks like a alcoholic or a addict. I think the graffiti adds to the image because it exaggerates the fact they are homeless. I only would improve on going for a head and shoulders shot instead of full body because improve on the over all meaning of the image. I think this image was taken with a 50mm lens because of how intimate the image is. When I am doing my own homeless shoot I may use a 50mm lens because I love how intimate you can get with a 50mm lens.

homeless people 2

I don’t like this image because it gives the impression he is an addict. The reason why I don’t like this impression is because when do my own homeless people shoot I want to portray homeless people as friendly people because I hate the stereotypical thoughts such as all the homeless people are addicts and alcoholics. The only thing I would change about this picture is making sure the person has their eyes open because open eyes draw viewers in. I think this image was taken with a 50mm lens because of the intimacy with the subject. I like how the 50mm lens does this because it gives a personal feel to the image. When I do my own homeless people shoot I am going to use a 50mm lens to get similar intimacy to the above image.

In conclusion I feel reading this website has helped with my homeless people idea because it has given me an insight into producing a story centred around homeless people. I think I will need to do further research on the idea and a homeless people test shoot to be sure that the idea is doable.


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