UNIT 29 AND 30: homeless people and buskers research: Open Eye Gallery visit

I visited the Open Eye Gallery on Friday 22nd January. The exhibition I went to see is Flat Death (http://www.openeye.org.uk/main-exhibition/flat-death-edgar-martins-jordan-baseman/).

Edgar Martins was one of the photographers whose work was exhibited. The project exhibtied was called  Siloquies and Soliloquies on death, life and other interludes. At the exhibition there wasn’t much information about the photographer. I found some of images from this project to be very confusing which I don’t like because I want to make sure the viewer is knows what they are seeing without being confused. I want this because it will make my work more viewable. There was an image of a bloody towel against a dark background. I didn’t mind this image because I could tell what the image was. The only issue I have of this image is it has meaning but it is simply questions. I prefer to have a clear meaning without questions because I find it helps sell the image more.

Jordan Baseman was the other photographer whose work was exhibited. At the exhibition there wasn’t a lot of information about the photographer. The project exhibited was called Deadness. I really like how his work was displayed because it was projected on to the screen due to the images being on 35mm frames. I like this way of displaying the work because I am interested in ways of presenting work in a different way. The project, according to the Open Eye Gallery website, explored historical, cultural and sociological relationship between photographic portraiture and embalming. The theme behind the exhibition didn’t relate to my brief but the images did because some where on location and there was some techniques which I could use in this brief. One of the images I saw was three people around a white coffin. The image was also on an angle. The way the image was captured was in a candid way. This image helps me with my brief because the way the image was captured was the way I want to capture my final images. Another way this image helps with my brief is because the natural lighting was really good and I want to aim to get that type of lighting because when natural lighting is done right it looks really good on images.


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