UNIT 33 AND 48: My final outcome part 2

final sketch 2

Above is a sketch of how I plan to do my GIF. I wanted to do a sketch because it helps me visualise what I am doing. I have kept the same words, “Visit Liverpool” from my still billboard because I want to have continuity with my final outcomes. I also kept the words, “Visit Liverpool” because it links to my research:(https://leahjonesphotographer.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/unit-33-and-48-billboards/)

this links to my research because one of billboards I found had words “Welcome to Liverpool” So I spun it to suit my needs.

Above is a video of how I did my GIF. As you can see the main tool I have used is the select tool because this tool allowed me to move around the images and resize the images. I also used the timeline feature of Photoshop because this allows me to create the GIF in Photoshop. I included iconic buildings of Liverpool because they speak Liverpool. I also included the iconic buildings because people from afar may recognise them and won’t be confused where the buildings come from. final-gif

Above is the GIF I made. I can see this as my final because it looks professional. I also see this as my final because it is similar to moving billboards you see today. I can see this GIF being in a major train station because in most major train stations you can see billboards similar to the one I produced. I think the audience is parents and/travellers because those types of people are looking at similar billboards.


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