UNIT 33 AND 48: My final outcome part 1

final sketch 1

Above is a sketch I did for my final piece. I did this sketch because it helps me visualise how my final outcome will look. I have taken some aspects from my mock billboard like having Radio City Tower in the background because it gives the billboard depth. From this sketch I can see this billboard going in a train station because you tend to see similar billboards at train stations. The audience I think will be travellers and/or parents because most travellers and/or parents will be looking at billboards similar to this for day trips.

Above is a screen capture I did when I made my final image. When I produced this final I only changed the Saint Georges Hall to the Empire theatre because the billboard worked better that way. I also did this because the Saint Georges Hall image was out of perspective to use.  I also put the Liverbird building in front because I couldn’t remove the harsh edge when the Liverpool Lime Street Station image and the Empire theatre image joined together so I put the Liverbird Building in front to cover it.

final 1

final 1 alt

Above is the finals I made. I made two different versions because I wanted to see what the difference was. I warped the text because it would make the billboard more aesthetically pleasing for the audience. If I had to chose I would chose the first outcome because the placement of the text makes the billboard more professional because in most most billboards text isn’t warped. I think the audience would be travellers or parents because those types of people are looking at similar billboards for day trips. I can see this billboard being placed in a major train station because in major train stations you can see similar billboards.


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