UNIT 33 AND 48: Moving Billboard Sketches

moving billboard sketch 001

Above is a sketch of how I can do a moving billboard. The idea is for the buildings to disappear and a new building comes up because most moving billboards I seen this is a common way of objects moving. The text is kept static because there won’t be any new text coming up. For frame 7 it won’t contain the words end it will just be a blank frame and re-start again because most of the moving billboards I have seen just have a blank frame which goes back to the start. The audience I think for this idea could be travellers because the billboard is promoting Liverpool as a place to travel. I can see the billboard in a train station or an airport because similar billboards can been seen in those areas.

moving billboard sketch 002

Above is another moving billboard sketch I have done. The only change I have done is have the building on it’s own with no text because I think the buildings should speak for themselves. I have put the words Visit Liverpool as the last frame because most moving billboards I have seen put all the text at the end so people won’t be reading text for the whole billboard. For this billboard I think the audience is parents and/or travellers because it is suggesting Liverpool is a place to visit for a day trip or a weekend brake. I can see this billboard being in a train station because most billboards in a train station is promoting areas for weekend brakes.


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