UNIT 33 AND 48: Mock Billboards

mock billboard 1

Above is a billboard I made via Photoshop. The tools I used was the quick selection tool which helped get rid of the sky. I also used the select tool as well which helped me move around the images. Another tool I used was the text tool which helped me to add text to the billboard. To get the dimensions stated for the outcome I had to make a new document and type in 20 in the width section and 10 in the height section. I wanted to include the buildings in the billboard because they are the most iconic buildings in Liverpool. The buildings used I think sell Liverpool well because they are landmarks which people from afar come to see when visiting Liverpool. I included the words “visit Liverpool” because in most of billboards I have found there is some text. I think this billboard will appeal to parents because during the summer holidays parents are looking for a day trips and I think this sells Liverpool for a day trip. I can see this being in a window of a travel agency shop because typically most travel agency’s have adverts like this in their windows.mock billboard 2

I have changed the layout of my billboard because I didn’t like how one building was in the centre and one building was of to the right so I moved both buildings into the centre and I like the changes. I have also changed the text to Liverpool the city of culture because in 2008 Liverpool was named the city of culture. This links to the brief it states the billboard has to reflect on the culture of Liverpool. I can see this billboard in most major train stations in London and Manchester because billboards similar to this can be found in train stations. The audience for this billboard I think will be travellers and business people because of the location it could possibly go.

mock billboard 3I have changed the billboard to portrait oration because looking at my research on billboards I have seen some portrait billboards. I have only included Radio City and the Liverbirds building because they were the only buildings I could think of which would suit a portrait billboard. I have changed the text to “Liverpool” because I felt the text “Liverpool the city of culture” was to much because people won’t stop and read text if they are going about their business. I think this billboard will appeal to travellers because the billboard is promoting as a place to travel to. I can see this billboard go on the side of a bus or in a train station because most of the time billboards on buses tend to promote places to travel.

mock billboard 4

I have kept the portrait oration because I liked how the billboard looked as a portrait. I have added Liverpool lime street at the bottom of the billboard because I think the billboard needed something at the bottom instead of the bottom of the buildings. Overall I can see this being one of my final outcome because it looks like a professional billboard. The only thing I would change is the text to “Visit Liverpool” similar to my first billboard because then the text would be more relevant to brief because the brief states the billboard needs to encourage people to visit Liverpool.  I can see this billboard going up in major train stations in Manchester and London because in train stations you tend to get billboards which promotes areas to visit. Due to the billboard possibly going up in a train station I think the audience will be travellers or workers because train stations get a lot of people like that.


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