UNIT 33 AND 48: moving billboards

Above is a recording of moving billboards. The billboards I recorded were adverts for a film, a shop and an event. Despite the moving billboards not relating to the brief it has given me ideas on how to produce a moving billboard. Away of doing creating a moving billboard is via Photoshop. I can use the timeline feature in Photoshop to create a GIF which would be similar to a moving billboard. Moving billboards I think is more common today than still billboards because we are in an age were moving image is becoming more and more popular. Common places to see moving billboards is train stations, Airports and Bus Depots.All olf those places have a lot of people going through. Audiences I think for a moving billboard is everyone because the moving billboard is in a high traffic area so all types of people are going to see it. If the moving billboard was about promoting a city like the brief states I think the audience would be for parents. The reason why I think this is because most parents would like to go out for a weekend with their children or go out for a day trip.


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