UNIT 33 AND 48: Liverpool Central Station location research

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 13.52.09

I am including Liverpool Central Station because it is one of the main local stations in Liverpool. A lot of people from afar won’t recognise it but the station is a popular station because of it’s location. Due to me shooting in the day my shutter speed will be around 1/70 because during daytime you won’t need a slow shutter speed because there will be a lot of light due to the daylight. My aperture will be around F.2 F.3 because small apertures are used for bright scenes. My ISO would be around 200 because higher ISO’s are used for low light scenes. Equipment I could use is a tripod to remove camera shake. I want to remove camera shake because camera shake is sloppy. If a tripod is used a release is a must because you will cause camera shake when you press the shutter button. An exposer meter could be another valuable piece of equipment because exposer meter can help get the exposure right. An 18-50 lens is a good piece of equipment because it can help get a wide shot of the building. An 50-200 lens can also be a helpful piece of equipment because it can help get fine detail of buildings. To take my image I could stand on the opposite side of the street and capture the sign. I could also stand on the opposite side of the street and capture the sign and the entrance to the station. Doing the second idea will relate to the billboard image of “welcome to Liverpool” in my billboard research because the station is away of people coming into Liverpool.


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