UNIT 33 AND 48: Liverbird building location research

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 13.47.18

Using google maps I have researched the area around the building to come up with the best spots for getting the images. Due to the building being tall I would stand near the black gates to ensure I get the full building in. I could stand where this image was taken and capture the 2 Liverbirds together. I could also capture 1 of the Liverbirds because on its own it would still be recognisable. I won’t be going at night because I prefer a daytime shoot as I think it would yield better shots than night. I think this because at night you may not recognise the location or building because it is dark. Due to me shooting in the day I will most likely have my shutter speed at 1/60 or 1/70 because the slow shutter speed is often used for low light scenes.  The equipment I think is needed for this shoot is a tripod to remove camera shake. I want to remove camera shake because it looks sloppy and makes a bad viewing. Tripod’s I think can be used for day and night because it steadies the camera. If a tripod is used a cable release is a must so the camera doesn’t shake when you press the shutter button. Another piece equipment needed may be a 50-200 lens to get the fine detail of the building. Another lens could be a 18-50 lens to get a wide shot of the building. The reason why I am including the Liverbirds is because it is the symbol of Liverpool. The Liverbirds is the most recognisable building in Liverpool and people from afar will most likely know about this than any other building in Liverpool. When I come to editing I may include noise and black and white because the black and white to me adds an old feel to images. Due to the building being a historic building black and white would work well because to me black and white would emphasis this fact.


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