UNIT 33 AND 48: billboards

billboard 4This is a very plain billboard but I like the text “welcome to Liverpool” because it is very clear where you are. The only thing I would add to this billboard is some iconic buildings from Liverpool so it seems more professional. I would also go with a more eye catching colour palate because the billboard to me is colourless. The audience, I think is people who are driving into Liverpool for work and weekend holidays ETC. I think the simplicity of the billboard is good because people are seeing this when they are driving so it has to get the message across quickly. 


billboards 1I like this billboard because the billboard is eye catching. I also like how there is little words which gets across the message quickly because it is near a road therefore it has to be quick to get the message across because cars are going pass which are going fast. The only thing I would change is make the college logo colour to be similar to the background so it fits with the colour theme. As the logo is I think it is good because it stands out and grabs the eye so people going pass know what the billboard is promoting.


billboard 2I like this billboard because there is text which goes with the image of the footballer. This links together because it is promoting the Manchester culture. The audience for this billboard is people coming into Manchester and possibly the football fan. The only thing I would improve on is the colour of the billboard because I find the blue give a cold feeling to the billboard and in turn gives the impression Manchester not a nice area to go to.

billboard 3I like how the billboard shows what the area is all about by using images because it gives people coming into the area an idea on what the area have to offer. I also like the “Arizona” font because it clear and easy to read. The audience I think is people coming into the area because it a welcome sign.


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