UNIT 33 AND 48: Traditional photomontage

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.12.26.png

traditonal 1traditonal 2traditonal 3traditonal 4

Above is how I made a traditional photomontage. I first got my images on a word document so I could re-scale the images. I g0t an A3 piece of paper, scissors, glue and the printed pictures so I was ready to start. I cut the images out and arranged them before sticking them down. I think the traditional method will appeal more to the older audience because the older audience is more in tune with the traditonal processes. Below is the final outcome:

traditonal final

I love how the traditional way gives you more control of how the outcome looks because I really like making sure the outcome is perfect. The only downside of doing this the traditional way is it won’t fit into the modern photographic industry because most work nowadays is digital based. I can see the complete spoon images being used for coffee billboard adverts but in my opinion the lines between the images need be removed before using in billboards. I am using a spoon as my test subject because from my David Hockney work I found an image of a chair distorted so I hoped to try that myself.


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