UNIT 33 AND 48: David Hockey

Above is a board I created of David Hockney. Hockney used Polaroids to create a bigger image. This technique is called photomontage. I am looking at David Hockey’s work because looking at polaroid images has reminded me of Hockney’s work. Hockney’s work I think doesn’t fit the billboard style because Hockney’s style is to abstract for the modern billboards. The reason why I think this is because modern billboards are very graphic and professional. I think Hockneys work is aimed at the older audience because of the traditonal nature of his work. I also think this because the older audience is out of tune with technology. 

david hockey 1On the right is an photomontage by David Hockey. I love how the Polaroids are make up the image of a street because of how creative the image is.I cannot see this image being a modern billboard because of how abstract the image is. The reason why I think this is because modern billboards are heavily graphic based and professional. I would love to see how I can use photomontage for a billboard because it is rare to see a photomontage used in modern billboards.This image reminds me of a collage. The reason why I think this is because of how the Polaroids overlap, which is a key feature of collages.

david hockey 2On the left is a photomontage by David Hockey. I love how the image clearly shows the Polaroids and still makes the image because it shows good skill in joining the Polaroids together with gaps between them. Unlike the above image it doesn’t remind me of a collage because of the gaps between the polaroid. Gaps in collages is not seen therefore it isn’t similar to collages. It does remind me of panoramic shots because of the landscape frame. I can see this gap method beings used for billboards because most billboards are put up in sections rather than one big piece.


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