UNIT 33 AND 48: Film vs Digital

poloroid exampleTo the left is an example of a Polaroid image. The qualities of Polaroid images are: Grainy, mostly black and white, a yellowy tint, not clean and sometimes crisp. I find the qualities of Polaroids give me a nostalgic feel because of the black and white characteristic. Black and white gives a nostalgic feel because black and white is linked to the old times. The grain in Polaroid shots I don’t like because grain lessen the overall quality of the image. I do like the grain in Polaroid shots because the grain gives the image an old feel to it. I like the old feeling to images because it gives me the feeling of looking into the past. A downside of Polaroids is how small the images are. I find this a downside because you might not get all the detail you want. Another downside of shooting Polaroids is the storage. You could shoot a fair amount of Polaroids and that can build up over the years so physical storage will start to be a problem. I see an alternative to physical storage. You can be scan the Polaroid in and use your digital storage instead. You can even use cloud services such as Dropbox or Icloud. I am someone who doesn’t have the space for a physical space so shooting Polaroids won’t be helpful for me but scanning the images in would be better for me. Another downside of shooting Polaroid is the cost of buying the film. Over the years the price of film has increased due to the digital age which has made Polaroid shooting harder to do. The reason why I see the cost of film a downside is because the price will put people of from shooting Polaroids. A plus of Polaroids is it stands out in the modern photographic industry because Polaroids was very popular back in the early 2000’s but as the digital age came along Polaroids became less popular. So to see Polaroids in the modern photographic industry will make work stand out. This I like resurgence of Polaroids because it a key part of photography history. I think polaroids are mainly aimed at the older audience because of the old nature of polaroids. 

digital exampleOn the right is an example of a digital image.The qualities of digital images are: No grain, colour, no yellowy tint, crisp and clean. I find the qualities of digital images are very modern because in the modern day everything is clean and crisp. I like the clean characteristic of digital images because I like the professional look the clean characteristic gives the image. The reason why I like that professional look is because it is suitable for the modern photographic industry. A plus of digital images are you can print as big as you can. I like this because you can see all the detail. Another plus of digital images is the quality is better. I like this because the better quality gives the images a professional look. The professional look I like is because it is suitable for the modern photographic industry. Another plus of digital images is you don’t need physical storage only digital storage. Like I said you can use cloud services like Dropbox or Icloud. I like this because like I said I am someone who doesn’t have the space for physical storage. Digital storage is also a downside because you have to keep buying hard drives which can also take up space. The cost of buying hard drives isn’t a problem as we are in the modern day age so hard drives are cheap to buy.
Comparing Polaroid to digital images I think digital images are the better images because digital images are more suited to the modern photographic industry. The reason why I think this is because digital images are clean and crisp unlike Polaroids. I think digital images are more aimed towards the younger peope because digital images are technology based which the younger audience  is more intune with than the traditional ways of doing things. 


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