UNIT 18: evaluation


As my role is the photographer I researched the imagery used by IKEA. Doing this research helped me understand how the IKEA photographer sets up images. I also went ahead and researched IKEA furniture. If you click the link you can find examples of this:(https://leahjonesphotographer.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/unit-18-ikea-research/) This research has helped me with my role as a photographer because I know how the furniture will react to light and how it will look in the images. As a group we all did research on each insect we have. As a photographer the research helps me because I can prepare how to deal with the insects for test shoots and the final shoot. The group has researched a positive and a negative collaboration. My research can be found here (https://leahjonesphotographer.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/history-of-the-adidas-beckenbauer-shoe-collaboration/) and here (https://leahjonesphotographer.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/will-smith-and-kanye-west-failed-collaboration/) This didn’t really help me with the photography side of things but looking at a negative collaboration has helped because I can identify problems the group may come across and can come up with solutions.


Idea Generation

At the start of the brief we sat down and brainstormed ideas and explored two of the better ideas. One of the ideas was a Halloween idea as we did the presentation in October. The idea was scrapped because of some research we did on IKEA, we found out IKEA only release catalogues by seasons not by themes or months. The photography needed for this idea is doable but like I said IKEA don’t release themed catalogue therefore it won’t be wise to do a themed catalogue. The second idea we had was a magnifying glass over the insects as all the insects would be small. Everyone agreed with the idea, as it was a plausible idea. The photography side for this idea it is very doable because Gemma and me can take separate images of each object and the graphic artists can Photoshop the objects together. Gemma drew up a rough sketch on how the final may look. The rough sketch helped me as a photographer because I can visualise how the images are going to look, this would also allow me to explore equipment needed to complete a successful shoot. As a group we agreed the spider needed more to do and as we had “type” as one of our objects Matt thought to use a spider web to make the type. The children’s book “Charlottes Web” was Matt’s main inspiration for the idea. We called a group meeting to write down a list of props we need for our final shoot, therefore planning and management was taking place. As one of the photographers having this list written down helps me because I can draw out a studio plan of where the objects are going to be placed during the shoot. Izzy took on modifying the dolls house as we agreed it was to pink for our final shoot. Izzy used scraps of pattern paper for the wallpaper and plain white paper for the flooring. Watching Izzy do the dolls house I realised it took a lot of time and I felt sorry for coming down on Izzy about the dolls house not being finished.

Gemma and I used the website “lighting diagrams” to make plans of how we will set up the studio for our final shoot. The site is well known among studio photographers because it helps layout studio set ups. Matt finalise the web type for the final outcome. As group we went out side to collect the insects. Due to the change in season we were unable to find ants but we did find the snail and the spider. We could have avoided this by researching ants more than we did. As a group we went into the studio to get our final images. As the spider was hiding around the sugar cube furniture so Gemma and I had to take the images of the spiders separately. Slowly Gemma and me included lights so we can control how much light is used during the shoot. Slowly including the lights helped me a photographer because I can control how the final image will look more. After the shoot Gemma and me sat down and went though the images. We put our best images in a folder, which we gave to Matt and Izzy so they could add the graphic elements to the final image. Passing the best images over to Matt and Izzy felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders because I didn’t have to edit the images. For the final outcome Matt and Izzy looked at the current IKEA magazine cover so they could get an idea on how IKEA do their front covers.

Issues the group had:

At the start of the brief things started out well but as the brief continued things started to go wrong. For the final shoot we didn’t have ants. To solve this problem Gemma and I looked at all the images from our ant test shoot and chose the best image. The image was then given to Matt and Izzy to duplicate nine more ants on Photoshop. Another issue we had was people falling out. To solve this issue as a group we sat down and talked about the issues we had. Doing this improved our group relationship. This issue really helped me improve on collaborating with others. At the start of our brief our communication was really poor so we called a group meeting to discuss ways of communication. After the meeting we chose to use the Facebook messenger chat, doing this massively improved our communication. If a client gave me this brief more than likely I would have been fired because I didn’t have all of the objects needed and Photoshop was used when it meant to be used as a last resort.


Overall the presentation went well. I just felt we needed to rehearse more because it just felt made up on the spot. I think if we did rehearse the presentation would have been better. One comment made by a peer was “the final outcome could have been worked on more” I disagree with that because Matt and Izzy put in 100% effort on the final outcome.



In conclusion doing this collaborative brief has helped me improve on collaborating with others (but I still like to work on my own!) I have never worked another photographer before so this was an enjoyable experience and would love to work with another photographer some time in the future. I felt really out of my depth when it came to the graphic side of things, which I didn’t like that restrict me helping out with the outcome. Overall I am happy with the final outcome I would of made the spider web 100% opacity but I am not a graphic designer so I left it to the graphic designer to do.


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