UNIT 18: Final shoot

Click the link to read Gemma’s view point of the shoot:


I completely agree with the fact Gemma was rushed during the shoot which I felt was unfair on her and me because If my images was lost or not good enough Gemma was the only other person who could of have images to use. I also agree Gemma was pushed out of the scene which wasn’t helpful for me because as we are both photographers, we should of talked over each shot we were doing. Working with another photographer was a tough challenge because most of the time me and Gemma had different ideas on how to compose the image and often had a “heated discussion” on which idea to do. To over come this we tried most of the ideas we had. Despite working with another photographer is was an enjoyable challenge because we worked on lighting and backdrops together and we had a good laugh whilst doing the shoot.

Below are contact sheets of all the images me and Gemma took together:

contact sheets 1 contact sheets 2

Near the end of the shoot we used a tripod because me and Gemma agreed that hand holding the camera made it hard to get the composition right and a tripod would help with that issue. As the spider was quick and hiding around the furniture this made it hard to take the image in one go so I took shots of the spider by itself as Gemma doesn’t like spiders. Like Gemma said in her post we didn’t have thew ants for the final shoot because of the season we are currently in because ants go into hiding during the winter season.


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