UNIT 32 AND 38: texture experiments in the darkroom


Above is where I have duplicated the image of fly wing to create the impression of a blur. The overall print is good but I think it is over developed by a few seconds. Other than that it is a fine print. As my final outcome could be an A1 this could be a valid final outcome. The only issue I have with that is could I print out the image as A1 with out the image being pixelated, I’ll have to see what will happen if I do print the image out A1.


This is acetate with water on top. I found this hasn’t worked out well because you can not really make out the water. The only thing you can make out is the reflection of the enlarger’s light. The reflection also effects how the wing’s detail appears which I don’t like because a characteristics of Macro photography is detail of small objects. The print to me is correctly developed but I do think I could of took the print out a second sooner because at the bottom of the print is darker than the rest of the print. As an A1 final outcome I don’t think this print won’t work because I think it isn’t good enough to be a final and I know I can do better than that print.


I did another print with water over acetate to see if I can do a better print than the above print. I think I have done better than the above print but this print well over developed because the print is very dark and the image is not clear. I won’t use this image to print for A1 because the print is well over developed.


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