UNIT 32 AND 38: Acetate printing VS moving image

Moving image:


  • it is creative therefore it will be very eye catching to viewers.
  • a different take on mixed media which will make the artwork stand out as it is unique
  • It is a current mixed media method which will make the artwork more acceptable in today’s industry.
  • a rewarding experience makes the technique worth while to do.


  • does it qualify as mixed media? due to moving image not being your typical mixed media.it might not be accpeted in today’s industry.
  • it is time consuming may put people of from attempting it.
  • tricky to do may put people of from attempting it.

Acetate printing:


  • it is very creative which will make it stand out in today industry.
  • it is rewarding experience which makes people want to do the technique.
  • a traditional mixed media method will give the image some originality.


  • it is a time consuming process which is bad for me because I only get a limited time in the dark room so this is prohibit me from doing the technique.
  • the technique is hard to get right which may put people of from attempting the technique.
  • it’s not current so the technique may not stand out in today’s industry.

My Opinion:

In my opinion acetate printing is more mixed media than moving image but moving image is a very current technique therefore it will stand out more than acetate printing. Acetate printing can stand out because of the originality behind the technique because using the dark room is very traditional. I rather go with acetate printing because the technique is original and the technique is definitely a mixed media technique. Because of those reasons I am going to do acetate printing for my final images.


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