UNIT 18: Using Prezi


Above is what I have achieved in Prezi so far. To me Izzy could do a better job than me as she has used it before and knows how to use Prezi. As Prezi is one of my weaknesses I could ask Izzy to show me Prezi more than I already know. Doing this will turn Prezi into one of my strengths. One day maybe me and Izzy can sit down and she can show me how to use Prezi more. For what it is I think it cannot be used for the final presentation because it doesn’t look professional enough. If I learnt Prezi more I think I could make a more professional presentation.


One thought on “UNIT 18: Using Prezi”

  1. This could be an area for improvement, therefore Izzy could help you develop your presentation skills within Prezi. This will allow you to learn a new way of presenting in a fun, interactive way.


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