Set backs

During this session Leah was asked to go down to the park and get some ants for the photo shoot while me and Gemma worked on modifying the doll house and while Matt completed work for his blog. She returned half an hour later with no ants what so ever, this will have a huge […]

How dare Izzy say that I have not been doing any work! I am waiting on Izzy to do her job so I can do my job. So it’s her that’s not doing the work set out. Yes I didn’t come back with ants, the reason for this is because I thought I had ants in the tub. Further more I offered to go instead of Izzy going therefore I am doing her work for her. The reason why I offered is because I had nothing to do. In my opinion Izzy needs to pull out her finger and do the work set out so other people can do their work.


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