UNIT 18: how I feel about the brief so far

Currently I am frustrated with whats going on because there is no communication between the group though this is slowly improving. I am also frustrated with the amount of meeting we are having because this is preventing us from doing work because it is stop start on the work. I think the one meeting at the end of the session will be enough. I am very happy with Matt taking over as team leader because Matt seams more organised than Izzy was. Matt also seems to be on things more than Izzy was. I am happy with the test shoots me and Gemma are doing because this is giving means Gemma a clearer idea on what we are doing for the final shoot. I am also happy with working on a blog instead of sketchbook  because a blog is easier to use instead of a sketchbook. The amount of work being produced by the whole group I am very happy with. With my individual work I am happy with how much I am putting out.


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