UNIT 10: Hugh Baird College photography degree course research.

In-depth I have looked at the degree course at Hugh Baird college. This is what I found out:

  • It is 3 years on the course. 2 years is the foundation degree and the 3 year is the full degree,
  • For one year the cost is £6000. For the 3 years this would be £18000.
  • There is tuition loan which pays for the cost of the course. The tuition loan I will need to pay back but I don’t have to start paying it back until I am earning over £21000. There is a maintenance grant which I don’t need to pay back and a maintenance loan which I do need to pay back along with my tuition loan.
  • You need 160 UCAS points to get onto the course along with an interview and a portfolio. There is nothing on getting a C in English and Math’s.
  • David Lockwood and Tadhg Devlin is the tutors of the course.
  • Completing the foundation degree I can move onto the 3rd year which is the full degree.

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