UNIT 32 AND 38: Experimental imagery in magazines

In the British Journal Of Photography April 2015 issue, there was this article about experimental imagery (the below magazine cover is the issue cover). These are some of the images in the magazine. This article is relevant to the brief because macro photography is all about textures and most of the images have texture.



Image 1: This image reminds me of acetate printing and photograms in the darkroom. Darkroom processes is relevant to my brief because I think some darkroom processes add some amount of texture to images, macro photography also adds some texture to the image so texture is the link here. Due to having a darkroom in college I am able to try both processes in the darkroom at some point.


Image 2: This image reminds me of sellotape transfer which I have already done. I find sellotape transfer gives a transparent feel to the image but doesn’t add texture like macro photography does. I think the photographer/artist has gone overboard with the mixed media because the image is now unrecognizable which tome makes for an unpleasant viewing of the image.


Image 3:  This is a perfect example of a good macro shot because it clearly shows the detail of the fruit which is what macro photography is all about. Another aspect of macro photography is it gives images texture. Giving images texture is the link i want to make between my work and macro photography.


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