UNIT 32 AND 38: Overlay technique the traditional way.

img004 img005

(left is the image when the grid was straight, right is the grid when I tilted the grid)

First I cut some cardboard into strips. At first I used pritt stick to stick the cardboard together but that didn’t hold so I used the hot glue gun instead which did work. I laid out 5 strips then weaved the other strips in an under over pattern until I got to the end of the grid. I then printed out my image. Instead of using paint I used felt-tip pens instead. The reason for this is because felt-tip pens still allow you to see the image whereas paint doesn’t allow you to see the image. At first I placed the grid straight after I finished I felt it would work best if I tilted the grid. After I finished the image with tilted grid was the best in my opinion. I would like to combine this technique with the sellotape transfer. The only problem I can see happening is the felt-tip pens will not transfer into the selllotape. This technique is doable on Photoshop. Get a piece of plain paper. Place the grid and do a similar pattern. Scan this in. Open the image in Photoshop and add the pattern. Click the normal tab and finally click overlay. This technique has no relevance to the brief but the grid reminds of photomontages. Photomontages is like insects, insects are strange and some photomontages are strange to. Insects are typical of macro but adding photomontage this will work hand in hand.


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