UNIT 32 AND 38: Traditional Techniques Research

On YouTube I typed in Photography mixed media techniques and below are the results.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 16.37.59

I watch the first video. The technique was pouring melted wax on to an image, let it dry before heating it back up with a heatgun. With a brush he brushed of some of the wax. This is a do-able technique because wax is easily found. instead of a heat gun you can use a hair dryer instead. The only issue with doing this technique is the health and safety behind heating wax because when waxs gets to hot it can burn the skin. Due to this I won’t be able to try this technique. Instead of melting wax I can use wax crayons then scratch into the wax with a blade of scissors to create an overlay pattern. To view the video click the link below:

Another video I found was on the second page of the same search. This time it is a grid made out of card board. First you cut strips of card board out. Lay 5 strips out and then weave the remaining strips to make a grid. Place the grid on an image or a piece of paper and paint in the gaps of the grid. The video also said you can add foam to make a stamp grid. This is very easy to do myself so I will try this myself because there is no health and safety problems behind this technique. This technique is a traditional way of doing overlays instead of the digital way. To view the video click the link below:

During year one of my course I did Sellotape transfer and would like to re-visit this technique again. It is a very simple process, you print out an image then put Sellotape over the image, dip the image in water, rub the back of the image and leave to dry. When finished the image is now transferred on the Sellotape. I feel this transfer gives the image a ghostly feel to it. This ghostly feel will work well with macro shots of insects because it will make the insect look like a ghost. There is other surfaces I can use instead of paper. I can use wood and PVA glue instead. Glass is another surface I could use. To see the technique click the link: http://m.wikihow.com/Create-a-Photo-Transfer-With-Packaging-Tape


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