UNIT 32 & 38: experimental imagery 

(The artwork is currently on display at The Walker Art Gallery. I have gone to The Walker Art Gallery and gathered these images/artwork.)

I love experimental images/artwork but sometimes the artist/photographer can go to far in terms of making the image unrecognizable. An example of this is image 1. I cannot make out what is going on in the image which I don’t like because it makes for an unpleasant viewing of the image/artwork. Using oil, enamel and acrylic on aluminium panel is an idea i would never thought of doing myself. I would like to try this out but due to not having the equipment to do this I am unable to recreate my own version. Image 4 is a good example of how I would like to do an experimental image/artwork. This image/artwork is easily replicated by using a camera. As the image/artwork is it reminds me of an old Polaroid shot or a film shot.


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